Sustainability is in the DNA of our business – in fact the Spanish translation of Tierra means Earth…..

As active members of the New Zealand Green Building Council, we take our role and responsibility to our surrounding environment seriously. We are proud to live and work in such a beautiful country, and we want to do our very best to ensure our impact on it is kept to a minimum.

As registered Homestar Practioner’s, Assessors and Greenstar Accredited Professionals, we have an inherent knowledge to develop and manage an effective sustainability policy that ensures Tierra remains a responsible and environmentally conscious contractor.

Our Commitment

Tierra commits to:

  • Implementing Environmental management systems into it’s operation, with particular emphasis on waste minimisation, recycling & reducing energy consumption;
  • Operating in a manner to reduce waste and the use of energy resources;
  • Provide an environmentally aware workplace, and implement environmentally aware work practices;
  • Work closely with our employees, suppliers and community to develop and implement environmental initiatives;
  • Encourage suppliers and sub-contractors to act in accordance with our environmental standards;
  • Be aware of all Environmental legislation, and ensure that all requirements are met and improved on where possible;
  • Regularly review the implementation of our Environmental management systems, and pursue continuous improvement year-on-year.