Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in new buildings and homes is on the rise, and this approach to building is at the centre of the philosophy that Tierra is founded on. We are active members of the New Zealand Green Building Council, and are currently registered Homestar and Greenstar professionals.

We have the skills and expertise to provide professional services in the following areas.


Green Star Performance is an exciting new initiative, that can be used for all buildings including retail, industrial, educational, healthcare, public buildings and offices. It has been designed to be used across building portfolios too. If you have a building, Green Star Performance can help you.

Green Star Performance will help building owners, operators and occupants to measure and monitor the efficiency and impacts of their buildings, and take practical action to improve.

And the benefits of Green Star Performance are numerous, including higher returns on investment, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, health improvements, and consumer demand and brand image.

Tierra are proud to be one the first qualified professionals to be selected to put into effect this industry-transforming tool, so contact us for more details and to see how we can add value to your business.

greenstar design & built

Greenstar is an independent rating tool that rates and communicates the sustainability and performance of New Zealand’s Commercial Buildings. Sustainability is a vital part of most modern corporate organisations and an important aspect of most modern commercial building designs. Energy efficiency is also playing a huge role in new buildings as the Life Cycle costing of the project becomes more of a focus.

Tierra’s Greenstar Accredited Professionals, as part of your design team, can provide valuable specification and design advice to clients and architects, to ensure their projects receive the maximum benefit from the Greenstar ratings tool.


The homefit online check is designed for Kiwis looking at homes to buy or rent, or for homeowners looking to improve their property.

First, answer a few easy questions about the home, then access our installer directory to help make improvements.

This online check is a great guide, but won’t, by itself, result in a HomeFit stamp of approval.

To get a Homefit stamp approval our HomeFit professional will come to your home and assess how warm, dry and healthy it is. If it meets the standard, you’ll get a HomeFit stamp – so you can be sure the home is fit for your family.

A HomeFit rating also gives buyers and renters confidence that a home meets ventilation, insulation, heating and energy efficiency standards, and gives landlords peace of mind that they’re meeting their obligations too.

homestar services

Homestar is an independent rating tool that rates and communicates the sustainability and performance of New Zealand homes. It is being more commonly used by many local Council’s and independent developers as a measurable target for improving the standard of the housing stock within New Zealand.

Tierra employs registered Homestar Practioner’s and Assessors, who are qualified to carry out Homestar Appraisal, Design & built ratings on both new and existing homes. This advice can be beneficial for:

  • Existing Home Owners looking to renovate;
  • New Home Owners looking to build and incorporate energy efficient and sustainable features;
  • Architects requiring Homestar design advice for client’s
  • Developer’s looking to achieve minimum Homestar requirements in special housing areas.


As members of Lifemark, we actively promote design that is useable and safe for people of all ages and all stages. Our accessibility advisors offer a range of services for building owners, property developers, councils, architects, or retails and commercial tenants.

As a Lifemark accredited partner, we provide advice on how to make the best use of space in a building, and achieve a Lifemark Star rating, that future-proof’s the design and increases the usable lifespan of a building.

Our services include:

  • Assessing new building plans to provide design input through the concept and planning stage. Our early involvement helps during the detailed design and consent process;
  • Advice on appropriate specification and fixtures;
  • Preparing an accessibility report for your existing building;

We can achieve design solutions that create a property that meets the New Zealand building code and is accessible and user-friendly to all stakeholders.