green star performance

green star performance

Green Star Performance Certification is being launched by the New Zealand Green Council on 29th November 2017

Green Star Performance can be used for all buildings including retail, industrial, educational, healthcare, public buildings and offices. It has been designed to be used across building portfolios too. If you have a building, Green Star Performance can help you.

The new rating tool takes into account several categories, including energy, water and materials.

Green Star Performance will help building owners, operators and occupants to measure and monitor the efficiency and impacts of their buildings, and take practical action to improve.

And the benefits of Green Star Performance are numerous, including higher returns on investment, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, health improvements, and consumer demand and brand image. Visit the NZGBC website for more information about Greenstar and Greenstar Performance.

Tierra are among the first Greenstar Accredited Professionals who are able to offer this new rating – get in touch now if you’re interested in finding out more.

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